Wednesday, October 7

A Month of Pictures

Wow, half a month has gone by since I have updated, where does the time go? Jolee had her 4 month check up on Monday. She is 25.5 inches long and 15lbs. I am amazed at how quickly she grows. It seems only yesterday that she was born. She has been teething and she got 3 shots during her check up so she has been really cranky. She is finally starting to feel better today (hurray). I have not slept much because I have been so busy with helping her feel better. She is definitely worth it. Well here are the pictures and updates...

Jolee loves to play here, she will bat at the toys at her hands and kick the ball at her feet. It is so fun to watch!
I gave her this toy phone/rattle and she instantly turned it sideways and started chewing. She actually had it in her mouth with her hands down, but once I got the camera out, she reached up to try to grab it out of her mouth so I wouldn't get evidence of her cuteness. She was clearly too slow.
Jolee in her jumper. She looks like she is doing some kickboxing in this picture.
Jolee had her first picnic at the park.
She still hasn't decided what all the fuss was about.
After the picnic we went for a walk around the park. Here she is by the lake, this lake is from a natural warm spring, I think it is the only one in Tucson. Our own little oasis in the desert.
Randy loved this park of the walk because the mesquite trees grew over the path and made a tunnel. It kinda made us forget that we were in the middle of the city.
Randy had a good time too. What a great view of the mountains.
By the end of the walk, Jolee was fast asleep, too much excitement for one time.
She woke up in a great mood as we were leaving. (Another pic of me wearing my new glasses).
Mommy helped Jolee play hide and seek with Daddy. He had a hard time finding her until she started cooing.
I love this smile of hers. She looks so cute, but so mischievous.
Working on chewing her fingers.
Too cute.
More jumper pictures. Randy had accidentally put the jumper chain up to high and so he stacked the books up so Jolee could jump. I laughed and laughed when I came out of the bedroom to see this.
Jolee liked watching me laugh. I guess I was pretty entertaining to her too.
Mid bounce
Snoozing after too much time playing.
We finally finished a package for my brother, Russell, in Russia. Here is Jolee inspecting it for shipping.
"I think this corner is secure, just let me check real quick."
"It tastes like it is sealed properly."
Bright blue beautiful eyes! Mommy and Daddy are smitten with just one look.
Jolee also loves to play with her hands. Hey, they are toys that go anywhere.
More time in the jumper. Jolee spends a few hours every day jumping. It is definitely one of her favorite things to do.
Pretty in blue too!
I love this grin!
This is what Jolee wore to go with Daddy to priesthood session of General Conference (see for information about General Conference). She is a heart stealer!
"Mirror mirror in my hand, who is the fairest baby in the land." "You better say Jolee or I am going to lick you."
"Well, I will lick you anyways just because I can!"