Sunday, March 18

Hurray for Spring Break

I am so excited for spring break. My first as a teacher. I am using this time to finally get caught up on some of the things I have negleted, like journal writing, some house work, sorting the boxes in the spare room (yikes), and blogging.
Here I am this afternoon with crazy hair and all, just trying to keep the sickies happy

Here are the sickies and Dad. Both have colds and Jolee hurt her foot last night.
I don't know how hurt it is as she cries that it hurts, then runs off laughing and hopping.

Since the kids and I stayed home from church today to not spread their germs,
I taught Jolee a lesson about temples and that families can be together forever.
She has been saying "when I get big like you Mommy, I'm going to get married in the temple."
She has also been carrying around this picture of Randy and I from our wedding day.

As part of the lesson, we built a temple out of blocks.
She had to put the "Angle Orni" on the top. (Should be Angel not Angle and Moroni not Orni)

Here is JD at the zoo. He was a little bored and decided to eat the burp cloth.

Jolee is learning to jump off of anything she can climb.

She is getting pretty good air time.
Here is the polar bear, Snow.
She refused to get in the water, but she really wanted the fish on the floating table.
She spent about 5 minutes walking back and forth and trying to get to the fish without getting in the water.

The clever girl waited and reached and even laid down to reach even further.

Until she finally got the fish. Lucky girl. She never did go swimming.

We had watched the keeper getting the exhibit ready and we waited for Snow to come out.
Jolee was so excited when she came out that she yelled, "She's OUT!" and jumped around.

We fed the giraffe, Jolee had done it by herself months ago, but this time was too scary, so Mom had to help.

Aunt Sandy even fed the giraffe too.

Due to some of Jolee's more destructive tendencies when she is bored,
Aunt Sandy splurged and got a bunch of dress-ups for her for when we visit.
Jolee was is dress-up heaven!

Princess shoes! Oh, the joy they bring (and pain, it really hurts when she stepped on our toes).

JD is now a master army-crawler/ scooter.
He had traveled across two rooms just to get to Jolee's sandals.
He often crawls to the window and stares and Chonkiri (our dog).

Jolee with crazy hair and a crazy outfit in the jumping castle.

"I am going to fit this in my mouth some how!"

JD's first time in the jumping castle. He had fun with Jolee.
I just had to constantly remind her NOT to jump over JD.

See he does have red hair, it is just short
(except for a few hairs that are a little longer on the top of his head that I just can't bring myself to cut yet).

Randy didn't want his normal hair cut, he said "just shave it off."
I just had to get a halfway done picture.

Practicing dance moves

She wants to be a cheerleading ballarina princess.

"Arggg, I scooted meself into a corner, then booby trapped the exit." Ewwwww!

Reading the signs. Jolee loves to find letters and try to read.
She just makes up stuff, but she is showing major interest in reading.
She spends usually about a hour sometimes more sitting or lying down "reading" books.
She has started to read to JD too.

Dad, Sandy and Jolee being silly at the zoo.

My handsome hubby! His smile is the best part of my day!

JD got tired out and snoozed during the trip to the zoo last weekend.

Jolee and I looking for monkeys (actually this exhibit has lesser apes in it).
Jolee will correct people who call them monkeys and say, "no, they're apes."

Sandy in a log at the zoo. I really like this picture of her!
Jolee loves getting to go to Sandy's house and then the zoo.
Since we have gone the past two weeks in a row, Jolee is going to expect us to go every week.
Well, the elephant exhibit is opening soon and they have baby elephants!!! so I plan on going a ton anyways!
Lucky Jolee.

Here are the love birds! 7.5 years and still going strong!

The goofy girls.

Not wanting the girls to out goof them, Randy and JD snuck into Sandy and Jolee's picture to start a tickle war!

More signs to read, or use to do back flips.

What could be hiding in here? Oh, nothing but flowers.

Sandy and Jolee with another pretty bird.