Sunday, August 7

Utah Idaho Trip

Oh me, oh my, the time goes far to quickly. The last month of the pregnancy was a bit rough and I was continously exhausted. I actually felt great until halfway into our trip to Utah and Idaho, then I hit the tired point and became a slug. So lets see. The end of June, we started our trip to see our families before the baby was born. We stopped in Tempe so Randy could attend a conference for the new standards that are going to be implemented for special education. Randy is on a board that is working to make the implementation go smoothly. We made our way to Utah in short trips, Rio Rico to Tucson (stopped for work and doctor appointments), Tucson to Tempe (we stayed at a hotel and Randy had his conference the next morning, Tempe to Page (another hotel stay), then Page to Payson, UT. We got to spend a lot of time with the Ellsworths and Jolee had a blast jumping on the trampoline and enjoying fireworks for the Fourth of July and swimming with Grandma.

Uncle Max is SO MUCH FUN!

Awesome trampoline hair

Jolee, Mom, and Grandpa. Wow, fireworks are fun!

With flash

Without flash

Swimming lessons with Grandma

Jolee loves to swim
We then drove up to SLC and stopped by and saw Minna and the nephews, she is expecting twins anyday. We also saw some of our friends in SLC. Then we drove up to Ashton, ID for a Mortensen family reunion. Wow, talk about a beautiful green place. We went and saw a waterfall, Jolee collected tiny pine cones, played games with Mommy's Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins. For being massively pregnant, Mom did great in the family volleyball game (her team won the competition) wooo hooo. We played in the Warm River (which is actually close to freezing, brrr.) and feed the trout bread. Went on walks and just had a great time.


Jumping off of a tree stump

Tiny pine cones

Feeding the trout

Next we headed to Preston and Dayton, ID and spent a week enjoying time with the Swann/Ryan family. Jolee got to go see Uncle Neal's foal which was a huge highlight for her. We went bowling, played on the trampoline, had BBQs, and just had a lot of fun!
With the foal

Being goofy with Aunt Tissy (aka Misty)


Using the ramp to bowl

Jolee bowled an 84, not bad for her first time ever.

Pretending to be puppies with cousins

Hiding in a locker at the bowling alley, yep, she is a silly girl

Putting flowers on Grandpa Lyle's grave

Kisses with Grandma

Fun with Aunt Melissa

Hugging cousin Ethan
 On our way back, we stopped in SLC again to see the twins, Minna had them the night before we left. Jolee loves babies.
With the twins
 We stopped at the store in Payson to get some groceries and met up with Grandma and Uncles.
Riding in a rocket ship with Grandma

Jolee adores Uncle Clint
We continued our drive and stopped in Kanab, swam at the hotel, enjoyed pizza and slept. The next morning we drove the rest of the long drive from Kanab to Rio Rico. We had such a great time with our family, but it is so good to be home.
JD napping in his swing

While brother slept, Jolee and Daddy made cookies, Jolee had a bit too much fun with the flour.

Running and jumping flour covered princess

Getting cleaned off

Snuggling cygnets

I love brother!

Daddy and his babies

Sleepy Swanns

Family kisses

Father and son

JD pictures

Last picture of Mommy before birth
Can you believe Mom is in active labor? (less than 2 hours before JD's birth) horray for hypno-birthing
JD Lyle Swann. Look at that pout.

Mommy and JD

JD's first night at home

First morning at home

In the hospital under phototherapy with an IV in his foot. Jaundice is awful!

Jolee visiting baby brother JD during his phototherapy

Finally his bilirubin levels were low enough and JD is back home, sleepinging comfortably in his bed.

Jolee loves JD!

She is always wanting to help with JD, she calls him "baby brother JD"


Thursday, August 4

It's a boy

Our little boy, JD Lyle, was born on Sunday night after a relatively easy labor (seriously every expectant mother should looking into hypno-birthing). 9lbs, 20 inches. Everything went very well, except that his face got pretty bruised. The bruising lead to jaundice and he is now back in the hospital under phototherapy. His bilirubin levels (lab to determine how bad the jaundice is) are decreasing and hopefully we will have him home soon. We haven't had much rest as either Mom or Dad is always with JD with him in the hospital and the other is watching Jolee (who by the way, absolutely loves her baby brother and talks about him constantly and always wants to be around him). When life calms down a little, we will post some pictures of our little guy.