Monday, November 17

Our Favorite Stop

Halfway between Tucson and Phoenix is the Ostrich Ranch at Picacho Peak. This is always such a fun stop to make for us. We feed the ostriches, miniature donkeys, deer, and lorikeets. We also went on a monster truck tour of the ranch. It was sooooo much fun. Here are pictures and a few movies.
Randy and the donkeys I touched it!
Eager for more Us at the farm
I want food Lorikeets
Our sweet ride On the truck
Running free Ostrich fishing

Finger food

A little bit better

The best way

Attack of the birds


So I was sick last week and I spent most of the time I wasn't forced to work in bed. So to make my life less boring I bought and read the Twilight series. I am still shocked by how addicting it was. It was all I could do to stop reading those books. My suggestion, don't start reading unless you have time to keep reading. The movie is coming out this week and I am definitely going to go try to see it. Although, the characters in my head are so much better than the characters in the movie from the pictures I have seen. So if you haven't succumbed to reading them yet, I suggest you do before the movie so your mind won't be tainted.

Sunday, November 9

Jenny Jordan Frogley

So I learned about this talented artist last year at Time Out for Women and this year at Time Out for Couples (more on that later), I ran into her and got a picture with her. She is so gracious and friendly, we chatted for like 5 minutes. I have her CD "Beautiful Life." It is such a fun and uplifting CD! Here is a link to her website

A Glimpse into the Future

Sarah loves to dress up for halloween. I am not a big fan of dressing up, I guess I grew up and no longer have the flare to dress up. However, I know how much it means to Sarah to dress up, so I do it. This year we had a tough time deciding what to wear. With the decision final, we set about finding the necessary accessories. The time came to prove ourselves, we dressed up and got a lot of double takes. It was really good, we had a hard time recognizing ourselves! 
If you can't guess, we are a senior missionary couple.

School, School, School!!

Wow, does time fly! I feel as though I just started the semester and here it is only about five weeks left!! I have been working ahrd trying to stay on top of the homework, and succeeding for the most part. I have only forgotten about two assignments. I managed to pass all of my midterms. I finally heard from an instructor that had dropped off of the face of the earth, turns out that she was ober sick and had a death in her family. I have not heard from her since she updted everyone. I have also been involved in the decision to change the student email. NAU is letting studetns share their opinions about three companies (MS Live, Yahoo, and Gogle Apps for education) I am all for Google. I love google, easy share of files, IM, email service, and blogging all for FREE. I am really grateful to be in the first cohert of the program here in Tucson.

Halloween Fun

The Wednesday before halloween, I wanted to make a cake to take to class. I had searched thru my 101 things to do with a cake mix and found the perfect one. 

I had originally decided to make it for the ward halloween party, which I did, but I decided to practice. Here are the pictures for the one I made for the party, Sarah did the face on this one.

I like her face better. If you had a question as to what it was supposed to be, I will tell you. They are jack-o-lantern cakes. If you want to make one yourself, let me know and I will tell you how. they are fun, easy and simple to make. Have fun!