Monday, February 13

An update

Between work and trying to be a good mom, I have had little time to even think about blogging, but here is a quick update.

JD is massive and happy. He is a master at rolling and is trying desperately to crawl. Right now he is laughing and jumping in his play center. His smiles are AMAZING.

Jolee is so smart and is always getting into trouble as she is trying to figure out EVERYTHING. She is fascinated with Strawberry Shortcake, especially the show about a dance. She has to wear a dress or fluffy skirt if she is watching it. Yesterday, I found some of my hidden energy and made her a princess dress out of some material I had (I was going to make a scrub top out of it). The pictures don't do it justice, it is actually pretty cute (well, at least Jolee and I think so).

Randy and I are both super busy teaching and being parents, while trying to continually show our love for each other. Randy is doing well in his masters program and is looking forward to the end of this class (just one more week).

in her homemade princess dress

eating a sock during a diaper change

learning to steal the remotes

sharing a bath

learning to ride a bike (she is now really good at it)

feeing a lorikeet

a happy little guy

juggling the babes

snow in utah