Wednesday, October 19

Ok Ok here are some pictures

Jolee loves being around JD, even if he is sleeping

snuggles in Jolee's bed while Mom cleans

Where is Jolee?

after football night

Success, both children sleeping

JD snoozing on Jolee's bean bag chair

Jolee had shared her elephant with JD

with stuffed animals from Sandy

"I want six bows" but we settled on two

sleeping in JD's swing, bath time was a little too tiring

Jolee got into the box and told me she was flying a helicopter, so I had her get out and I decorated the helicopter for her. She LOVES helicopters.

too much kicking and JD pulled down his jammies

looking sharp in his new suit (thanks Vanessa!)

playing dress up

naughty Jolee hiding behind the TV

close up of the arm rolls

and the leg rolls

una sonrisa (smile)

another smile

Jolee Painting