Tuesday, April 29

Sarah's Birthday

Yesterday was my birthday and it was a great one. Not many pictures, sorry, but here is a summary of my day.

Randy made me get up early to get ready for something, but he refused to tell me what. I was getting pretty suspicious because he wasn't getting ready, but then he started to cook breakfast, so just as I was decreasing in curiousity, I was kidnapped by Lisa and Lindy and taken to Joe's Pancake House for breakfast. It was so much fun. Thank-you ladies!

Next Randy and I went window shopping and then we played with puppies. Gotta love baby animals :)

Then we went to the mall as we were walking around, Randy told me that we had to get me to my appointment. I was completely in the dark as to what he had planned. There is a stand at the mall that I always tell Randy that I want to go to get a makeover, but I never go. He had made an appointment for a makeover for me, then he bought me the stuff I liked the most. He is sooooo sweet.

Out to lunch for yummy, but healthy food.

Then we went bowling. I didn't bowl all that well, but I still skunked Randy.

I played super nurse at the grocery store and helped an elderly lady who had fallen and hit her head.

My day ended with dinner and birthday pudding pie. It was an absolutely wonderful day. I think I am going to start looking forward to birthdays now! Sorry that it is kinda just thrown together, I am tired (long day at work).

Sunday, April 27

Answer for Becky

In response to Becky's questions of what we are planning to spend our stimulus package on. We are putting the money into savings for our addition to our home. Not just any addition, but the baby room addition. No baby is on the way as of yet, but we are working to prepare for one. We are looking into getting quotes for the addition. So far we have one quote from Accurate Builders for $6,430.00. If you know of any good honest place to get a quote from, please let us know. Our desire is to pay for it with cash, no debt for us. The room will be tiny 7x8, but big enought for a crib and the necessities.


Two of the more interesting headstone at Boothill Cemetery. Click on picture to read headstone.

More fun in Tombstone

We went to Sadie Jos in Tombstone and spent about an hour having pictures taken, this was our favorite.

Tombstone lovers.

Wedding Favor

These are some of the cutest wedding favors I have ever seen!

Monkey and Racecar

Playing with Playdough

Sometimes we just need to be little kids and have some fun.

Tired after creating masterpieces. (Hey, art is in the eye of the beholder, right?)

Toilet, Snowman, Dog, Pig, Snake, Turtle, Rabbit

Hungry snake eyes a tasty rabbit

Curious puppy wonders why a turtle carries its house

Top view of creations. Toilet needs to be flushed!

all animals created by the Mrs. all else created by the Mr.

Saturday, April 26

Attending the Wedding!

On Saturday we were invited to attend Carmody and Christy's wedding. Christy and Sarah went to nursing school together and now work together at the VA. We have double-dated with these two love birds a couple of times. It was a good weekend.

Bachelorette Party

The Bride (I love the dress!)

The Wedding

Mr. and Mrs. Rauch

Us with the bride

Tombstone, the town too tough to die

We spent Friday in Tombstone and had a blast. Gotta love the old west!

Wednesday, April 16

Squashatouille vs Ratatouille

We love to cook. After watching the movie Ratatouille, I decided I was going to make ratatouille. Suprizingly not super tasty.
Ratatouille with pork

I decided that I was going to come up with a better recipe and created Squashatouille. Much, much better. This is made by first, cut squash into rings, lightly brown each side in a large frying pan with very small squirt of olive oil. Remove squash. Cut boneless skinless chicken breast into small bites, cooking in frying pan. When done, add cooked squash, cover with and mix in 1c. spagetti sauce, 1/2c. mozzarella cheese and light sprinkling of parmesean cheese. Mmmmm.

ps squashatoille is very healthy, so enjoy it.

Bucking Bronco

Coming out of gate 1 is Puppy riding the ever ferocious Chonkiri. Chonkiri is known for chewing on his victims after he viciously throws him off his back. Hang on for dear life Puppy. Oh no, How long can he manage to hand on?

Birthday Dinner for Randy

A few months ago, Randy got to celebrate his birthday. He got his Birthday Cheesecake, as you already know, and he got to go to Texas Roadhouse and ride the bull. Here are some pictures!

I like food!
and my wife!

Saturday, April 12

A Long, Long, Time

It has been awhile since we have posted anything. I guess that you just fall into a rut and think that your life is not very interesting to youreself, let alone anybody else. Sarah and I have been extremly busy latley. This is her last week of orentation and she will be a nurse all by herslef starting next week. We are very excited for her. She has come a long way and now is feeling more confident in her endevors as a nurse. I have been super busy with school and the homework that come with it. I get to write a speach and give thursday, practice my fingerspelling with both hands as well as practice my sign language. I am working on applying to the College of Education at the University of Arizona and will hopefully be able to talk with an advisor next week. It looks as though I will not be able to officially start untill next fall however we will see. We both have joined weight watchers and have been enjoying success. I encourage all who want to lose weight and learn how to change their eating habits to join. They make it fun, at least the night we go, and enjoyable. Together we have lost about 20 pounds and we look great :)! We will be loseing more and look forward to it. Other thatn that there is not much else going on. Enjoy reading and we will post more later on. Hopefully Sarah and I will be able to go to Tombstone next week, Yea!!!