Friday, December 19

Relfections of Christ

Sarah and I went to Time out for Couples several weeks ago and the photographer that took the pictures was one of the speakers. He is from Arizona and all of the pictures were taken right here in Arizona. I encourage you all to get the book "Reflections of Christ" it explains in detail the thought process behind each picture. He also put the pictures on DVD with music in the background.

This is such a wonderful time of year to reflect on the Savior and his sacrifice. May you all have a wonderful holiday.

Thursday, December 11

When Sharing is not Caring

We are all sick around here. A student in the classroom that he shadows at came to school sick. She shared her germs at school and Randy got sick. He was so icky sicky that he had to leave church early and wallow in misery. So he shared his germs at home and I got sick. I am so icky sicky that I had to take a sick day and stay home and wallow in misery. I thought last night that my stuffy nose was due to crying (my cousin Susan passed away last Friday and we drove to Tempe, AZ to go to her funeral yesterday. To say the least, there was a lot of crying, but there also was a lot of smiles and laughter. She was an amazing person so it was hard not to smile at some of the beautiful stories of her life.) So I thought nothing of the stuffy nose and went to bed. I woke up in the middle of the night with a terrible cough and feeling oh so sick, so I called into work and when I talked to the charge nurse, she instantly told me to "stay home!" when she heard my voice. I had no clue that I sounded that bad. Grrrr. I hope I am better soon. I am not a fan of missing work. I like being a nurse way to much to waste time wallowing. Blaaah. Oh well. Randy is almost better, so I should be back to my chipper self in a day or two. Oh and get this. I was telling Randy that he needs to learn not to share his colds with me and he BLAMES his mom. He said "my mom taught me to share." So we had a little talk on when not to share. I think he just laughed. It's a good thing I love him. :)

Tuesday, December 2

Why use Pockets??

I recieved this in an email yesterday and thought that you all could use a good laugh. This had me rolling on the floor. It is such a toddler thing. please do enjoy!!