Sunday, November 14

Cookie Making

Jolee loves to help Aunt Sandy make cookies! I think her favorite part is trying to eat as many as possible before Mom and Dad cut her off.

Sunday, November 7

Even more more pictures

Wearing Mommy's shirts

After rice crispy treats

Even more pictures

Sleeping with Daddy

Sleeping with teddy

Trying to put a shirt on as pants

More pictures

Jolee meeting the puppies

Hiding in the back of the car (we were parked)

 The Swanns at Uncle Neal's

At the park with Aunt Misty

Pushing cousin Jocelyn

Learning to put on make-up

Good-bye picnic for Uncle Mikal (he is serving a mission in Independence, Missouri)

Jumping on the trampoline with Aunt Misty

Up in the air on Mom's feet

Silly Swanns

Trying to bottle feed a puppy

Saturday, November 6


Helping Daddy get his room ready before school started

Learning to get dressed

1st time in jumping castle

Using her keys to unlock the nightstand

Daddy and Jolee

Feeding a giraffe with Mommy

A couple of Swanns

Drinking on the go

Look a peacock

Playing in the water


Playing the piano with Mommy

Silly girl and her duck

Jolee's potty

Jolee's bean bag chair

Stuck between chair and table

After a popsicle