Saturday, March 29

Yea! Food!!

Sarah and I had an absolutley yummy dinner last night. It was super healthy to. We have been focusing on portion control in our efforts to lose wieght so it is all with in portion sizes. Here you go. We each had 4 and 1/2 oz of chicken with one tablespoon of olive oil ,between the two of them, rubbed on both sides, grilled with fresh ground black pepper and garlic salt for seasoning. We cut it up into bit size peices and stuffed it into pita bread. We then put 1/4 cup of Mozzarella cheese on top and broiled it to melt the cheese. We took it out and then I put two tablespoons of ranch dressing on mine and sarah put pasta sauce on hers for a marinara sauce. We had 8 oz of fresh cut pineapple and 1/2 cup of sugar free, low-fat chocolate pudding for desert. It was an absolutely delicious meal and invite you all to try it. Enjoy!!!

Tuesday, March 25


So, I haven't posted in a while now; Randy has been doing all of the updates lately. Didn't he do a great job on the tile! I love looking at it. But now I want to get the rest of the house done something fierce. Hopefully early this summer we will do the addition, carpet, and tile the dining room. Anyways, this is my last week of orientation as a nurse, then I am given my wings. I have been working on my own for about two weeks now, but after this week it will be official. My preceptor has been great to work with. I have learned a lot and now I feel ready to be on my own. I will technically only have 4 week of orientation. Usually, they give new nurses 6 weeks. But, I have been in the graduate nurse proram since January. They don't count orientation as starting until the VA officially recognizes one's nursing license. I feel ready to be on my own this week, with only 3 weeks of orientation under my belt. It feels good to love my job. I am able to serve the best people in the world, our country's veterans. What an honor! Well that's enough rambling from me for a while.

Monday, March 24

Re: Spring Break

Last week was spring break and I was able to lay tile in the bathroom, kitchen and front hall. Our tile was supposed to be in two weeks ago. That was changed to last Tuesday which was changed to last Thursday. Tuesday arrives and we go to the flooring store to find out if we can pick it up. The order was not shipped. We learned that the warehouse had enough tile to complete the bathroom so we picked it up. I tiled the bathroom that night and we stayed in a hotel for the lack of a toilet would have made it rather difficult to use the bathroom if we needed it in the middle of the night. I finished grouting, installing the toilet and the sink, and caulking on Wednesday. Thursday arrives and I call the flooring store to see if the order had come in, which it did. I tiled the hall Thursday afternoon and scraped the kitchen flooring off after moving the refrigerator and oven out. I tiled the kitchen on Friday and finished caulking and grouting everything on Saturday with enough time to move everything back into the kitchen. That was done in time to cook a wonderful Easter dinner for some friends. Anyhow we have some pictures of the finished product. Enjoy!!!


Front Hall


The tile color is warm green although it looks brown in the pictures. The bathroom ended up being a different dye lot than the rest of the tile so it is a little darker and looks a lot better. You can't really tell in the pictures.

Monday, March 17

Spring Break

This week is spring break and I get the oportunity to tile the bathroom floor and the fron hall. the kitchen will be done as soon as we get the last of the needed trim. here are some pics of the job in progress and I will post pictures of the job when finished. The bathroom had three layers of linolium tile and the front hall had old linolium tile underneath the carpet. the original linolium tile was that ugly gold and brown color that was ever so popular during the era that our house was built

Sorry about not gettingthem turned I did not download them on to the computer before I posted them. But hey you get tehm idea. After I got all of the old flooring off I scrubed the floors with a high concentrate solution of ammonia and water. The original flooring stunck to high heaven.


Tuesday, March 11

Don't clean your sliding glass door.

So Randy and I went to the dollar theater (actually a dollar on Tuesdays) and we saw a movie(classic, seeing a movie at the theater). It was about 9:45pm when we got home. Thus, dark outside. So today I was in a cleaning mood so I swept, mopped, vaccumed, did dishes, and washed windows. Okay, so we get home, Chonkiri is in the backyard. He likes to go to bed around 8pm, so he is very eager to go inside and go to his "room" (crate) so he can go to bed. I get to the door to unlock it and he is trying to push his way through, very tired puppy. So I unlock the security screen and open the security door, the dog goes to run into the house and he slams into the sliding glass door. He bounced off and left a smear mark and everything. I guess I cleaned the slider too well. Oops. Hehehe! Moral of the story is, leave the sliding glass door dirty!

Our Dream Home

While waiting for the bus (environmentally and pocket friendly transportation) to pick up Randy, we made a list of what we want our dream house to be...

  • On 3 acres
  • 4+ bedrooms
  • 2.5 + bathrooms
  • basement with food storage room in basement
  • large kitchen - 2 ovens, dishwasher, double sink, good lighting, big window
  • dining room close to kitchen
  • large pantry
  • family room
  • sitting room near front door
  • wood burning stove or fireplace
  • natural gas
  • well water
  • barn
  • chicken coup
  • irrigation of some sort
  • fruit trees
  • green house
  • guest cottage (duplex) for renting, guests, or to house of parents (gotta have free babysitters close by)
  • fenced

This is what we have for now. I sure we will add more.

My morning

0420: Alarm goes off, hit the snooze.
0425: Alarm goes off, hit the snooze but think, "I should get up."
0430: Alarm goes off, tell alarm it's too early, but get up anyway.
0435: Shower. Dry. Get dressed in scrubs, think "well, at least I get to wear almost pjs to work." During shower, Randy (the sweetheart) gets up, makes and packs lunch.
0500: Eat breakfast of mini-wheats, but want to eat Reese's puffs mmmm chocolate, peanut butter.
0515: Brush teeth. Look at clock, realize it is time to get going.
0520: Walk out to car, kiss Randy good-bye.
0522: Drive to work, call Randy during drive so I will stay awake.
0545: Arrive at work, say good-bye to Randy.
0600: Work, work, work

Sunday, March 9

Fishers' Paradise

You know you're in fishers' paradise when...

a. fish are jumping into your net

b. bait is sold in the local vending machines

c. you can say "I caught a fish this big" and not be lying

d. fish killers don't get a paradise, I am a vegetarian

If you choose b, then you are a WINNER!

The Perfect Sign for those with Teenagers

Enough said.

Wednesday, March 5


This is a warning worth heeding or a great option worth pursing. Giggle.

This was in one of the stores that Randy and I went shopping in in WI.

Magical creatures

Do-do-do-do-do-do- dooooo (you know like the trumpets announcing the arrival of something wicked awesome!)

The one, the only, the amazing Sea Dragon!!!

It is a cousin of the sea horse. Too cool not to put on our blog.

For Laughs

Two summers ago Randy and I went to Wisconsin to visit my best friend/sister, Meg. During our trip, Randy went through some weird looks. Enjoy!

In all fairness, Sarah and Meg went through a little oddness too.

Sunday, March 2

Tear Drops on My Guitar

I don't know if you-all know this or not, Randy and I have had a few miscarriages. It has been a couple of months since the last miscarriage, but for some reason today has been harder than most days. I know we haven't been trying for very long, but it is still painful to see children all about me and have empty arms. We want so badly to be parents right now, that waiting is heart breaking. I know that one day we will get that miraculous blessing of holding our child in our arms, but for today we wait and we pray. On a special side note, I always am so grateful for Allyjean. In her innocence, she blesses my life in ways I can't really describe. Between her and the rest of the cousins it makes being childless much more bearable. Thank-you Samantha for "sharing" them with me ever once and a while. Pray for us, we could always use it.