Wednesday, March 31

More about why we run

Here is a news report on the Susan Mortensen Turley Foundation and why it was set up.

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Monday, March 29

Running Along

The past few weeks have been really busy. I have been working (as usual), Randy has been doing his last half of student teaching (graduation is in 6 weeks), we drove to and from Idaho, Jolee has been teething (all four front top teeth at the same time), oh, and we have been running.  I first realized that we are making the transformation into runners when we were in Idaho. We ran 3 of the 4 days we were there. The first day, about a mile into the run, I am wondering why I am starting to get short of breath. My muscles felt fine, but I felt like I couldn't get enough air. We realized that the area we were running in was more than double the elevation of Tucson. Oh my, oh my, does elevation make a huge difference for a runner. When we got home I was quick to look up the elevation for Seattle (about 2000 feet lower than Tucson). I am assuming that lower elevation will be easier to run in, any runners out there know if I am right or not? (please, oh please say that I am). The second day was during a snow storm.
You can't really tell in these pictures, but it is starting to snow. I can't believe Randy wore shorts, crazy guy. It was one of the hardest runs ever! Harder than our first couple of runs even. I think I might have cried a little. I know I whined. We could only do about 2 1/2 miles, there was no way I was going to be able to run 3. I now have a little more of an understanding of what Rachel (our Lemonade Maker team member) is having to train in. Rachel, you are one tough cookie! The stinging snow and freezing wind just about did me in.  The third day was the easiest. First of all, no snow. Second, Sandy, my sister-in-law, drove us 3 miles away and dropped us off so that we couldn't cheat and run less than our scheduled amount. Third, it was a beautiful day. Part of our run was past Napolean Dynamite's house (from the movie). Unfortunately I wasn't in the mood to carry a camera, so no pictures. It looks a lot different now than it did in the movie (no llama, etc.).  We did take pictures at Preston High, Napolean's and Randy's high school. Back to the run. As we were running, a dog was in the road (maybe 4 or 5 cars drove by for all 3 miles). I thought the dog would attack us because we were going by its house, but the opposite happened. The dog thought that we were chasing it and ran away every time we got close. So we ended up "chasing" it for about a mile, before it got off of the road and ran behind a house to hide. Another part of the run was up a very steep hill. We didn't realize how steep until we tried to climb it. It was difficult to even walk up it. I guess it is good training for Seattle.
Jolee snuggled with GrammS while Mom and Dad ran.

I am so glad that we are back in Tucson and training here. Idaho was 2 weeks ago. Last week was our first 4 mile run. For about 2-3 weeks, the couch to half training program has been having us run 3 mile runs. Sneaky. The 4th mile is so much easier than the 2nd and 3rd mile. I actually have been able to sprint the last 1/4th of a mile. From 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 miles is the hardest time for me. Once I get into the groove though, it is like I am flying.  I have learned to love to run!

We just got back from our first 5 mile run. Wow, I am just amazed at the progress that we have made since we first really started training in January. We did the run without walking at all! We are still slow with an average of 12-13 minute mile, but our distance is really improving. Today's run was really pleasant. We left just before dusk and so we got to enjoy the sunset (so beautiful) and we watched the moon come up. My favorite part was the smell of orange blossoms perfuming the air. We are really becoming runners, which I honestly thought was near impossible.

Ellsworth Grandparents Come for a Visit

We were so blessed to have Jolee's Grandpa and GrammE come all the way to Tucson to visit. They came in Sunday morning and went to church with us. Here is Grandpa lying on the floor. I gave him a back rub, and Jolee came to help. She looks so cute in her dress from Aunt Emily.
Grandpa loves his Jolee girl! She even got to be called "pumpkin," which is what Daddy called me as a little girl. Not spoiled at all, well maybe a little :)
Jolee had fun talking to everyone. She can be surprizindly loud for such a little person.
Yes, we are still running (more on that later, yes another dog and running story). Anyways, Randy and I took GrammE running with us Monday morning while Grandpa had the task of snuggling Jolee at home. They are so cute together. GrammE is training for her 1st mini-triathalon (not bad for someone who has already past her 25th anniversary of her 25th birthday), so she was a willing running partner. We ran 3 miles at about a 11 minute mile. Way to go all 3 of us. Here are GrammE, Mom, and Jolee.
My big plans for the day included going and getting a family pictures done, which didn't work out, bummer, so I had to just settle for pictures using my camera.
We then headed to the Pima Air and Space Museum. Grandpa is a huge airplane fan and he could tell us more about the planes than any of the signs did. Grandpa even flew in a plane (well kinda).
GrammE and Mom showed that they are actually weird enough to come from outer space.
Jolee enjoyed the trip because most of it was outside and she got to ride in her stroller.
By the end though she had had enough of the stroller and was ready for some good snuggle time with Daddy.
Thank-you Grandpa and GrammE for making the trip down to see us! We love you!


Stupid computer is acting slow! Grrrr! I just got a bunch of pictures on and it deleted them all. I am working on it. I might get some on, I might not, but I will try again.

I'm Done!!

Jolee loves to take a bath. We try to giver a bath each night, but it does not always work. She usually does not want to get out and screams and screams if you do take her out. I was giving her a bath last night, she was in there for maybe 5 minutes and then grabs the side of the tub, stands up, and starts to holler, "I'm done, I'm done, I'm done." I told her that she was not done, after all I had not actually bathed her yet. I had let her play first so that she did not try to drink the soapy, dirty water from the tub. Jolee proceeds to grab my arm, lift her leg on to the edge of the tub and kind of rolled the rest of the way out right into my lap. I guess she really was done! I put her back in the tub and quickly scrubbed her down before taking her out for good.

On Saturday night, Jolee was having so much fun in the tub. She grabbed the cup that we use to wet and rinse her head off. Filled it full of water and then held it over the edge. Just as she was about to let go, I grabbed it and put it back in the tub. She attempted to do this two or three times before I decided that she was done and quickly scrubbed her down. She actually screamed that night when I took her out.

Tuesday, March 2

Jolee Shorts (short stories that is)

Layout as follows: Picture and then story.

First up is ladybug pjs. Sears was having a super sale on kids clothing so we headed over and started to search through the clothing. We found the cutest ladybug pjs so we put them in the cart and continued looking, only to find another super cute ladybug pjs, but this one had little antenna on the ladybugs on the feet. I thought we had put one back, only to find out that Jolee now has two almost identical ladybug pjs. So if you see Jolee wearing what looks like the same outfit back to back, she isn't, the feet are different.
Early morning running is not the most fun thing to do, but it forces us run that day. So lately we have been getting up at 4:45am and running. Jolee generally sleeps through the entire run while riding in her stroller. After Randy and I run, Randy heads home to get ready for school, while Jolee and I walk with my friend, Aubrey. Here she is all bundled up after we got home. Oh and by the way, training is going well. We have had some set back with Randy and then Jolee being sick, but we are back to daily running. Actually, I need to hurry and finish typing so we can go run now.
So, onto our next story. Poor Jolee caught Randy's cold and ended up with a nasty cold and double ear infections. She is on antibiotics and is slowly starting to feel better. She is still super snuggly and wants lots of Mommy time, good thing I have been home the last few days. Oh and Randy ended up with double ear infections too and he is also on antibiotics.
Being a big girl. Jolee has decided that since she is now just three months away from her year mark (yikes it has gone by so quickly), that it is time for her to be allowed to help with whatever she wants. Lately, her goal is to help Mommy empty the dryer. Although most of the cloths end up on the floor is Jolee helps, I still love her wanting to be around me where ever I go and her non-stop curiosity.
There isn't really a story with this one, I just think she cute.
Peek-a-boo. Clearly Jolee has mastered the art of peek-a-boo. She will play this game over and over and over again. She especially loves it when she really "scares" Mommy. Her giggling is contangious and we usually end up playing for a half an hour before it is time for a new game. Also, this is her favorite game to play in the car on the way home from church. It definately helps when all she wants to do is get out of her car seat.
Real bananas. Jolee is starting to eat some real food instead of just baby food. Her favorite so far is bananas. If I am eating a banana, I have to hid if I don't want to share or Jolee will climb all over me to get a bite or two.
I made this play dress for Jolee one day because I was bored. It is from the legs of an old pair of capris. Not too bad for a quick sew job. I still need to hem the bottom and the sleeves, but I am nearly done.
We have learned that if we need Jolee distracted for a few minutes, a flashlight is the perfect tool. Not only does it glow, but it tastes good too!
Randy and I are book-a-holics. We love books. Our newest way to feed our addiction is to go to the Friends of the Library book sales. Since these sales, we have accumplated too many books for our bookcases to hold. We searched online and found and bought a pair of 7x3 foot bookcases. In thiis picture, Jolee is "guarding" a pile of books while we take out the old bookcases and put in the new. We really like the new bookcases. In fact, we have a few empty shelves that are just begging us to go to another sale and fill them.
 Looking cute for church: Pebbles hairstyle. Jolee's hair is longest right on the top of her head and I have been trying brush it and put clips in it, but she always seems to make a mess of her hair. So with the help of a baby pinner (Randy), I was able to have Jolee sit still enough for her little pony tail. Ohhh so cute!

Introducing Xyla

Xyla is our newest family member and my oh my is she sweet! We are so happy to have her with us. Jolee us crazy about her and Chon is thrilled with his new playmate. They are quickly becoming the bestest of furry friends.
Chonkiri and Xyla getting some play time in.

No need for words

Jolee's First Finger Painting

For Uncle Russell's birthday, Jolee painted him a picture. I set her in the tub with paper and squirt a bunch of finger paints in. She had so much fun making a BIG mess!
Yes, she did try to eat some which is why her chin is yellow, but I stopped her (yipee for non-toxic paint)
The artist at work.
All done.
Water coming in for clean up time. Jolee loves to splash.
The final product. I had her make two paintings. One to send to Russ and one to keep. I had so much fun watching her play. I don't think I can mention it enough to really capture how I feel so here it goes again "I LOVE BEING A MOMMY!"

Words number 3 and 4

Jolee is so enamored with the dogs! It is a blast to watch her crawl (at lightening speed) to the sliding door to go and "talk" to the dogs. She has started to say two additional words to "Momma" and "Dada," she now says "hi" and "doggy." She stands at the door and bangs on it while yelling "hi doggy." She loves getting to go outside and pet the dogs. Her only desire is to sneak out and play while Mommy is going in or outside. I made a deal with her, when she is walking, then she can go outside and walk around, until then she only gets to go outside while being held. Xyla and Chonkiri are so good with her. They let her pet/pat/smack/etc. them and they just sit there. Such good doggies!

"I see you."

"I wish I could get those doggies!"

"I wonder how to get this door open?"

"DOGGIE!" Jolee petting Xyla

"TWO doggies!"

"Come here doggy"

"Too close."

"I got your lip"

"Got ya again."