Sunday, September 26

Life Goes On

My how the time flies! I was absolutely sure that my first year of teaching would drag horrendously slow. But here it is almost the end of the first quarter and I feel like school just started. I do have a long drive each school day, about an hour and 15 minutes each way. I am surviving though. I love working in Nogales! I have the best special education director. He actually cares and is willing to spend monies on a program to make it better. I have at least not been told no yet. I have gotten hesitation on one thing though. We will see if it happens. I love working with my students. Though they are a handful at times they are a lot of fun during other times.

Sarah has finally gone part time, YEA!!!! She gets to finally be home with Jolee more frequently. Though I am not sure she knows what to do with all the extra time ;). She is enjoying every single second of being with Jolee. She also keeps herself busy making freezer meals every now and then. Sarah does so well with planning ahead and works hard to keep us with in budget. Having to learn to budget with a smaller income, I think we are doing rather well over all. She has also ben busy reorganizing the house and getting quotes on AC units. She is doing well at keeping the house running smooth while I am working. We went on a date by ourselves last Friday and it was awesome. We had french food at a little french diner, overly priced but good. Afterwards we walked over to a gelato place and got some yummy gelato. We think that gelato is much tastier than ice cream. It is also healthier for than ice cream. I think that pistachio gelato is my favorite.

Jolee is growing fast, I can hardly believe that she is almost 16 months old! It was just yesterday that she was born. She now has a mouth full of teeth and is currently working on her eye teeth. After she is finished with those I think that she has one more set of molars and then she will be done until she loses teeth and when she is twelve. She is very much so a busy body. She has to be able to do things on her own or she will yell at us. She has gotten pretty good at using a spoon and eating cold cereal, with soy milk of course, and other foods. Jolee is getting braver and daring to try different foods and textures. She does pretty well. She continues to learn and grow and develop at lightning speed. This morning she took apart a recorder that Sarah had given her to play with. I did not even know that it came apart. I am in for a heap of trouble!! I will be hiding my drill so that she will not want to take it apart. She already gets upset when I do not let her help me fix things. The dreaded, "you'll have a child just like you some day," curse.

We ordered our grass and it has been delivered and planted. We ordered Zoysia grass. It is supposed to be drought tolerant, low water usage, slow growing, and choke out bermuda grass and weeds. It is the miracle grass. We will keep you posted on how we like it. We planted it on Saturday and it took al day long. I am in the process of changing the serpentine belt on the Buick. It is a pain in the butt. Who ever designed this engine and the way it is mounted to the car needs to be shot. My sister has moved down from Idaho and is staying with us until she can get a job and get on her feet under her. She has been a big help and always eager to watch Jolee for us. As you can see with or with out a post life goes on! We are busy, happy, and healthy and enjoying each other and the time we get to spend together.