Wednesday, March 18

Roughly the size of a barge

So in Disney's Beauty and the Beast, Gaston (the bad guy) sings about being "roughly the size of a barge." Well I have seemed to bypass him in size. I feel like there is no end to my ever growing belly. I can't see my toes. I swear I have gained 500lbs in belly matter. I will find out the more accurate damage tomorrow at my appointment. My goal was to gain 20-25lbs with the pregnancy. I am guess that will be out of the window. I don't know how I keep growing with being able to fit so little into my squished stomach. Oh well. I have to keep reminding myself that as long as the baby is healthy, then all is well. I am down to less than 12 weeks. I can't believe it has gone by so quickly. It simultaneously feels like I just found out I was pregnant and like I have been pregnant forever. I am continually amazed at how strong the baby is getting. Work is starting to get uncomfortable because the baby seems to get frustrated with me for not focusing on it and so it proceeds to kick me until I can ignore it no more. I am way too in love with my little kicker. Well enough on me and the munchkin.
My baby sister is engaged! I am so excited for her. Her fiance is a goofball (yes I mean you Collin) so he will fit in great with my crazy family. They are getting married the end of June in Utah. I am little nervous about traveling so soon after the baby is born. Our plan is to drive there and back as I am not thrilled with the idea of mixing dirty airplane air and brand new baby. Any suggestions on how to make the trip more comfortable for Randy, the baby and me?

Sunday, March 8

Answering Jenna's Tag

So the 4th photo in the 4th file is... Chokiri as a puppy. This is our second day with our little monster. He was such a cute puppy.

Baby update

Our little one has discovered the ability to kick me in the ribs. It is really weird and not too pleasant. More progress towards delivery. We can now watch the baby move. My stomach will move side to side and occasionally the baby will punch out and I can see this little bump come out. It is kinda alien-like. Randy set his head on my belly and he said he could hear the baby's heart beat and little swishing sounds as the baby moves. We have an ultrasound on Wednesday so we will be posting more pictures of our kicker. I am now getting to the size that people are shocked when they learn I still have 3 more months to go. We were actually asked today if we had our bags packed to go to the hospital. I definitely am carrying like my mom did, straight out and big. Less than 100 days to go. (Actually there are 92 more days until the due date!)


Since we bought the house I have disliked the carpet to the extreme. Getting new carpet has always been a goal, but we wanted to pay cash, so we have been saving up for this for a while. Last week our new carpet was installed and it is B-E-A-utiful. I love it. It was a busy week for us as we had to move everything out so that the carpet could be placed and then move back in. So we moved in and out in two days. For a preggo lady, it was very exhausting, but so worth it. Because of dust and such getting into the air during the ripping out of the old and installing the new, I was sent to go out with some girlfriends for the afternoon while they were installing (thus no pictures of the process). I did have a blast at the zoo with Lisa and her darling children (thanks Lisa for keeping me out and about!).
We had to be creative to find places for all of our belongings. Our closest, bathroom and kitchen were packed solid.

The new carpet as we are moving back in

As we continue to move back in.

Randy took advantage of everything being out of the way and replaced the electrical outlets and switches (I helped a little).

Chonkiri loves the new carpet too.

More on Randy's Birthday

This year Randy decided that he wanted my mom's carrot cake for his birthday cake instead of cheesecake. I was a little surprised because I will only make the cheesecake once a year because it is so time consuming. So I begged my mom for the recipe (she lovingly gave it to me, thanks again Mom, you are wonderful) and set to making my first ever carrot cake. Randy loved it and has taken the last week to eat it. I found these cool color burning candles that burn the color of the candle.

We went to the Desert Musuem and enjoyed the beautiful weather and cool animals.

The day after Randy's birthday we went out to lunch for a birthday celebration because I worked on his birthday. Randy chose to go the My Big Fat Greek Restraunt. We ordered the meat lovers dish which is a sampling of their main items. It was more food that i could have imagined and it was delicious.

We also played board games and watched movies. So it was like a constant celebration of Rany's birth. Horray for birthdays. We definately had a blast.

Sunday, March 1

Why I love Ammon

I had to post this because it was just too cute. We went over to our friend's house for lunch and their 6 year old son looked at me and said "Sister Swann, you look thin." I just about picked him up and kissed him. This young heart throb already knows the way into a woman's heart.