Thursday, February 5


Yippy, the tile is finally finished! I was able to finally finish the closets last weekend. Boy were the a pain in my back. We have been doing all sorts of little projects to get ready for Baby to arrive. Yesterday we put film on the kitchen window (a south facing window) to help keep the heat out. It is so nice. We were quite surprised by the difference that it made. It also gives us day time privacy. It makes it more difficult to see in without haviing you face pressed against the window. We LOVE this because the window is facing the courtyard and several people walk past it daily. Including a neighbor girl that has a sever staring problem. We also got verticle blinds for the kitchen window. We had to make three trips to Lowes inorder to complete this project. The first time Lowes cut the blinds to short. The dude even tried to hide the fact that they were to short. We even did our best to try and make it work. Sarah called Lowes and they had new ones cut and ready for us. I pick those up and got home and put them on. Bumber, we were two short. We had to make another trip and purchase more blinds and have them cut again. This time we checked the measurment berfore we left the store. :)


Joshua said...

Shoulda went to Home Depot! They have the most experts you now.

Randy and Sarah said...

Except Home Depot has made more costly mistakes than Lowes. The management did not even want take the time for us. Thus, we have washed our hands of Home Depot.

Adam and Samantha said...

Hi Sarah,
This is Samantha Mack, we used to be in your ward. I was clicking on blogs and found yours. Congratulations on your news! That is very exciting! I know what you mean about not wanting to tell everyone right away. We had quite a few miscarriages and now wait until I'm almost 5 months to tell people. But it's totally worth every heartache! Kids are the best thing that could every happen to anyone. Good luck with everything!