Wednesday, November 25

A trip to Mesa

We drove up to Mesa for a quick get away, the plan was to visit my mom who was planning on coming down to Mesa, but unfortunately plans were canceled for her and she needed someone to stay in the hotel that she had already paid for, do-do-do Swann family to the rescue. We stayed at the Mesa-Phoenix Marriott, which was rather nice.  
Jolee really enjoyed getting to roll all over the king sized soft and comfy bed.
But what she loved the most was chewing up the breakfast menu that they leave in the room, until I realized that she was actually chewing pieces off and took it away and fished little pieces of paper out of her mouth.

While we were in Mesa, we took the opportunity to go to the temple. I absolutely love the peace and joy that permeates my heart when I am in God's house. While we were at the temple, my wonderful Aunt Valerie took on the job of Jolee watcher. Thank-you so much Aunt Val! When we went to pick her up, my cousin Matt dropped by. I love getting to see family!

We also dropped by my Grandma Ellsworth's home, which is always a treat. I ended up getting a really cute movie of Jolee and her Great Grandma playing. The day before we came down to Mesa was Grandma's 82nd birthday! We took her out to dinner and had so much fun talking and laughing. We love you Grandma!

All in all it was a great trip, the only trouble came when we were driving home. We hit stop and go traffic outside of Casa Grande and our car over heated. We had to be towed to a mechanic in Casa Grande. It turns out that the fan motor had died and thus in stop and go traffic, the engine over heated. Because it was a cool day, the mechanic said that we could drive the car home as long as we didn't hit stop and go traffic and that the wind from driving would keep the engine cool. We got home and Randy was able to go to the dealer and get the part we needed (a dealer only part). We were so blessed that the problem was relatively small and easy to fix.  It was definately worth it and we had a great tine and can't wait to get to go up again.

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