Friday, July 30

A few of her favorite things

Jolee loves:
-getting the mail
-coloring with crayons
-dancing to music
-cuddling with Mommy and Daddy
-being tickled
-doing airplanes (floating on her back) during bath time
-reading books
-eating bananas
-spin in circles
-build with legos
-kick a soccer ball around the house
-petting the dog
-getting to flush the toilet after going potty.
-washing her hands
-eating all by herself using her spoon
-playing peek-a-boo
-brushing her hair

She is definitely growing up so quickly. I adore every minute I get with her. She is going through a growth spurt right now and is eating so much it is amazing. Her molars are still moving, but have yet to break through. She is getting more adorable and more mischievous every day. She has mastered the "I didn't do anything" look. If she is doing something she shouldn't be and we say "Jolee!" She will quickly turn toward us, have a look of perfect innocence on her face and throw her hands in the air and say "wa?" I think she is trying to say "what?" It is so funny that it is very difficult to be upset with her, even if she did just dump all her food all over the carpet. I am so happy to be her mommy! On another note, I am quickly healing from my pacemaker insertion. I would be able to go back to work with restrictions, but my doctor "doesn't trust ICU nurses" so I can't return to work for 2 more weeks. Although definitely not something I ever wanted to happen to me, I am glad that I have to stay home because I am getting so much family time. It is great! I have been cleared to run again and I am already starting to train for my next half marathon. I am staying in state this time and running in Queen Creek, AZ. Yeah for getting better!

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