Sunday, August 7

JD pictures

Last picture of Mommy before birth
Can you believe Mom is in active labor? (less than 2 hours before JD's birth) horray for hypno-birthing
JD Lyle Swann. Look at that pout.

Mommy and JD

JD's first night at home

First morning at home

In the hospital under phototherapy with an IV in his foot. Jaundice is awful!

Jolee visiting baby brother JD during his phototherapy

Finally his bilirubin levels were low enough and JD is back home, sleepinging comfortably in his bed.

Jolee loves JD!

She is always wanting to help with JD, she calls him "baby brother JD"


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JessiBerry said...

Congratulations on your beautiful baby boy! He is a darling! :)

That is awesome that hypno birthing worked for you! I was pretty satisfied with the bradley method, I think I might do it again... But the hypno birthing sounds interesting! :)