Thursday, November 3

Happy Halloween

This year, Jolee was a pink ninja turtle and JD was a jack-o-lantern. We went to a costume contest during the day. Nope, they didn't win, but they should have!

Later we went to trunk or treating at church. I was part of the group in charge of getting set up. We had a great turn out and the kids had a blast.

I drove up to Tucson in the wee hours of the morning and kidnapped Aunt Sandy so that she could come trunk or treating with us (Randy was out of town at a temple trip with the youth).

I had so much fun watching Jolee trunk or treat. JD wasn't as excited by the whole idea, but he enjoyed his cozy costume.

Jolee with two of her bestest friends.

 Focused on candy acquisition.

Getting candy from her babysitter (I think she snuck extra candy into Jolee's bag. Jolee is definitely  loved and adored!)

JD crashed with Aunt Sandy will Jolee enjoyed some treats.

Yum! (Look at JD's sleeping face on the side, so cute!)

When we got home, everybody crashed. Jolee wanted to sleep in her costume. At least I got her out of the shell.

Painting pumpkin on Halloween morning.

The artist concentrating on her masterpiece.

JD is such a happy Jack-o-lantern! I love his smiles and giggles.

My monsters!

The finished pumpkin. After painting she covered it with foam Halloween stickers.

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