Tuesday, September 16

Casa Grande

not CAS-A GRAN or CASA GRAN-DE, Casa Grande. It means Big House. I always erroneously thought Casa Grande was just a blip on the map on the way from Tucson to Phoenix. Well Emily came down to Mesa to welcome her friend/missionary, Chase, home. So we decided we need some sister time and we met in Casa Grande. It's about the half way point (Austin learned all about halfway, just see Josh and Amber's blog for an explanation. I still can't believe he is such a little grown up already. By the time we get to Idaho, he will be able to babysit for our future children.) between Mesa and Phoenix. We definately had fun, well at least I did. I love spending time with my sister. She is so much fun. Especial to shop with. She has great taste (most of the time :) ) and can always find something cute. Well, upon arriving in C. G. we discovered it really is a big house. Lots of places to shop and lots of odd places (Pick a Pet, for example, is a tiny pet shop with tons of animals, many of which were very odd). Anyways, I am done rambling. Until later, CAIO.

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