Sunday, November 9

School, School, School!!

Wow, does time fly! I feel as though I just started the semester and here it is only about five weeks left!! I have been working ahrd trying to stay on top of the homework, and succeeding for the most part. I have only forgotten about two assignments. I managed to pass all of my midterms. I finally heard from an instructor that had dropped off of the face of the earth, turns out that she was ober sick and had a death in her family. I have not heard from her since she updted everyone. I have also been involved in the decision to change the student email. NAU is letting studetns share their opinions about three companies (MS Live, Yahoo, and Gogle Apps for education) I am all for Google. I love google, easy share of files, IM, email service, and blogging all for FREE. I am really grateful to be in the first cohert of the program here in Tucson.

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