Monday, November 17

Our Favorite Stop

Halfway between Tucson and Phoenix is the Ostrich Ranch at Picacho Peak. This is always such a fun stop to make for us. We feed the ostriches, miniature donkeys, deer, and lorikeets. We also went on a monster truck tour of the ranch. It was sooooo much fun. Here are pictures and a few movies.
Randy and the donkeys I touched it!
Eager for more Us at the farm
I want food Lorikeets
Our sweet ride On the truck
Running free Ostrich fishing

videoFinger food

video A little bit better

video The best way

video Attack of the birds


The Olsen Crew said...

OK, that was great!! You guys are awesome :D I would so be chicken about putting my fingers near those beaks, too!

Robin said...

How fun!