Sunday, March 8

More on Randy's Birthday

This year Randy decided that he wanted my mom's carrot cake for his birthday cake instead of cheesecake. I was a little surprised because I will only make the cheesecake once a year because it is so time consuming. So I begged my mom for the recipe (she lovingly gave it to me, thanks again Mom, you are wonderful) and set to making my first ever carrot cake. Randy loved it and has taken the last week to eat it. I found these cool color burning candles that burn the color of the candle.

We went to the Desert Musuem and enjoyed the beautiful weather and cool animals.

The day after Randy's birthday we went out to lunch for a birthday celebration because I worked on his birthday. Randy chose to go the My Big Fat Greek Restraunt. We ordered the meat lovers dish which is a sampling of their main items. It was more food that i could have imagined and it was delicious.

We also played board games and watched movies. So it was like a constant celebration of Rany's birth. Horray for birthdays. We definately had a blast.

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