Sunday, March 8


Since we bought the house I have disliked the carpet to the extreme. Getting new carpet has always been a goal, but we wanted to pay cash, so we have been saving up for this for a while. Last week our new carpet was installed and it is B-E-A-utiful. I love it. It was a busy week for us as we had to move everything out so that the carpet could be placed and then move back in. So we moved in and out in two days. For a preggo lady, it was very exhausting, but so worth it. Because of dust and such getting into the air during the ripping out of the old and installing the new, I was sent to go out with some girlfriends for the afternoon while they were installing (thus no pictures of the process). I did have a blast at the zoo with Lisa and her darling children (thanks Lisa for keeping me out and about!).
We had to be creative to find places for all of our belongings. Our closest, bathroom and kitchen were packed solid.

The new carpet as we are moving back in

As we continue to move back in.

Randy took advantage of everything being out of the way and replaced the electrical outlets and switches (I helped a little).

Chonkiri loves the new carpet too.

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