Friday, July 31

Jolee's Chatter

Yawn! So Mommy has been slacking again, but I convinced her that she needs to get some more updates on me up.
Here I am with my first toy phone. I talk and talk all day, but I still haven't been able to talk Daddy into getting me my own cell phone. Well, maybe in a few years.
I am a big girl, see I can sit up in the rocking chair all by myself. Thank-you Aunt Stephanie and Uncle Jeremy for the rocking chair, Mommy and I love it.
So I got my first shots today. It was not a very fun experience, but I did get some pretty Tweety bird bandaids.
Daddy helped me to feel better by holding me and loving me. Mommy gave me a tinsy tiny dose of baby ibuprofen like the doctor told her too, so I am starting to feel a lot better. Oh and I am now 22inches long (just under 50th percentile) and I weigh 13lbs, 13 oz (98th percentile). The doctor was very happy with how healthy I am.
I am super excited because I am getting my baby blessing at church on Sunday! Mommy said that she would take my picture in my new dress and post it for everyone to see. It is so pretty.
Right now, my GrammS is holding me and loving me. Sorry, I just can't help being the most adorable thing.

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GrammS said...

She truly is adorable. We miss you guys. It was fun to spend a few days with you