Wednesday, August 12

Family to visit

Just over a week ago, our families came to visit for Jolee's baby blessing. Here are some highlights...

Jolee's new hat from GrammS and Aunt Misty

Aunt Misty showing her beautiful smile as we went shopping for food for the luncheon. (GrammS and Aunt Misty made the drive from Idaho)

Grandpa Ellsworth is quite happy to be holding his first granddaughter!

Grandpa, GrammE and Uncle Max made the drive down to Utah.

Aunt Misty and Jolee snoozing on the couch (side note that I think is funny: being a little tired, I wrote cough instead of couch and I kept wondering why it looked funny)

Daddy holding Jolee before we left for church. Thank-you GrammE for the beautiful blessing dress!

The Mr. and Mrs. with the baby.

Sarah with three of her adorable nephews and Jolee (the boys from left to right: Tristan, Tyler, and Turner)

Turner and Tyler got to ride back to our house with us. They really enjoyed getting to sit next to Jolee.

Chow time!

Lots of yummy food, but I dare say that the brownies were the hit of the party. The nephews would sneak in for more, they were so cute with their little smiles with mouthfuls of brownies!

Aunt Stephanie with Jolee getting some well earned girl time.

The grandmas, Max and Jolee just hanging out.

After eating, we got out some toys and such for the younger ones to keep entertained with. The boys had a blast making towers with the blocks. Here is Max with his tower falling down.

The blocks, coloring books, and toys only lasted so long in the entertainment world, so out came Twister! Uncle Jeremy with Tristan spinning the wheel.

Tyler, Turner and Misty.

Tyler, Tristan, Uncle Jeremy, and Max. Twister became a big success and was so much fun to watch!
Uncle Max snuggling with Jolee
GrammS getting her snuggle time too!
After all the fun and excitement, Jolee was very tired and slept for about 3 days.
Thank-you to all of our friends and family that were able to come for Jolee's special day!

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Joshua said...

I've been waiting for this post! I'm just sad I couldn't make it! It sure looks like it was a special day!

I might add that Uncle J's receding hairline reminds me of our Dad's!!! I'm sure I'm not far behind!