Wednesday, August 12

Mommy back to work

Jolee wasn't to thrilled to have me going to work, neither was I (I cried, Randy did too)
But, everything turned out to be just fine. Jolee loved playing with Daddy, and she was so tired from the visiting with family, that she slept through the night while Mommy worked! Also, it turns out that Mommy really likes working nights and she is thinking of staying on nights.

Here are some cute pictures of Jolee in her pretty rose dress. She wore this to church on Sunday. Also, look at Randy's tie, it was his Father's Day present!

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The Olsen Crew said...

What a sweet post- it would break my heart leave to go to work, too. I'm glad she handled it so nicely :)
Awesome tie- I've always meant to do one of those. She's so darling in that lil' dress... ok, she's adorable in anything ;)