Tuesday, May 25

10 MILES and the Dentist

Can you believe it? We ran 10 miles last night in just over 2 hours. It would have been faster, except for the fact that we were falling apart. Fortunately, we are not like Humpty Dumpty and all we need is definitely time to head over to the chiropractor to get put back together. Only 3 more miles and we will be at the total race distance! WE CAN DO THIS!!!

Jolee had her first dentist appointment yesterday. Although she didn't love it, it went very well. Her favorite part was playing on the scale to get weighed. The entire appointment she squirmed to try to get back tot he scale. Her teeth are looking great. She got her floride treatment and a new toothbrush. The dentist said that it looks like 2 more teeth are on their way. I could've told her that because Jolee has been cranky and teething for a week. After these two, her molars will come in and then hopefully we will get a break from painful mouthitis. We really liked the dentist that she gets to go to. If anyone in Tucson is looking for a pediatric dentist, then Tucson Smiles Pediatric is for you (http://tucsonsmilesaz.com/).

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