Sunday, May 23

Almost a year

Wow the time has really flown by. I can't believe my little baby has so quickly changed into a toddler. Here are a bunch of pictures I have been meaning to post.
Daddy and Jolee reading a book

First time touching snow, so cold

Petting a chick (she wanted to squeeze it)

Being a cowgirl, yeehaw

First time in snow fall (in Preston, ID)

Playing with cousin

Playing with cousins
At Daddy's high school locker (if you have seen Napoleon Dynamite this should be familiar)

So tired

Getting rowdy with Aunt Emily

Trying to steal Mommy's necklace

In her toddler bed

Tried to get a picture with the hat on and failed
Being silly

Fell down and scraped her chin :(

Stole and demolished crackers, mmm

Lots of naps (and lots of growing)

Playing with balls

With Great Aunt Grandma (GrammE's aunt)

Petting goats at the Pima County Fair

Watch out sheep, here comes Jolee

So sweet

First time eating licorice

Playing with a turtle shell at the Tucson zoo

Jolee fell down in the tub and bashed open her eye, OUCH!


Celebrating birthday early while family was in town for Daddy's graduation

Jolee doesn't like cake, but she loves frosting

Playing with toilet paper (Ellsworth family tradition for the first birthday)

Playing with GrammE

Jolee with her new Elmo. She loves to dance when Elmo sings. It is hilarious.

Party time in PJs

Heading to church on Mother's day. Jolee is so cute!

Being cute in my dress from Auntie Meg

Jolee will take 3 steps on her own, but she will walk all over while holding hands

Jolee fed herself breakfast this morning. Messy eater :)

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Saddie said...

Love love love the pictures. I want to come down right now and hug Jolee. oh

ps. how do i change my google account name to me instead of Saddie?