Monday, August 9

That Tickles

Jolee loves tickling and being tickled. The other day she decided that she wasn't being tickled enough, so she walked up to me, pulled up her shirt so that her belly was showing and she proceeded to tickle her own belly and giggle hysterically. It was one of the cutest things I have seen her do. When Randy got home from work today, he took his shoes and socks off as usual, but then, he was attacked by the tickle monster. Jolee stood over his feet and rested her head on the floor so that she could use both hands to tickle Daddy's feet. Randy is so ticklish and he was laughing like crazy and whenever we laugh, Jolee laughs too. It was so much fun to watch Jolee tickle Randy and both of them laugh. I can't help myself from laughing right now just thinking about it!

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