Monday, April 25

Photo Update

Jolee and Daddy plumbing

Monsters in a crate

Milkshake heaven

Future dishwasher in training

Grandma, Jolee and Max reading Jolee's new princess book

Uncle Russell and Uncle Max cuddling with Jolee

Bedtime stories with GrammE

Randy, Russell, and Max building the new dog run

Sliding with Max

Balancing with Russell

Climbing with GrammE

First french braid (partial), getting ready for church

Babysitter's new baby goat

Teacup ride at the fair with Mommy

Giant slide with Daddy at the fair

Family time at the fair

Petting baby pot belly pig

Petting a wallaby
The past couple of weeks since we have moved have been busy, but fun. We enjoyed a visit from GrammE, Unlcle Russell, and Uncle Max. We went to the Pima County Fair. We hiked Pena Blanca Lake. We played, worked on potty training, and lots more unpacking.

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Lisa said...

We miss you a lot! Cute pictures, though. :-)