Sunday, April 10

Unpacking and unpacking

I forgot how long it takes to get settled after a move. Unpacking while pregnant with a very active and "helpful" toddler is quite a bit more work than I thought it would be. Up at 5:30am, Randy is off to work at 6am, Jolee and I take Chonkiri for a walk, then starts the unpacking, toddler entertaining, dog scolding, toddler chasing the dog with the broom scolding, learning time, color time, snack time, unpacking, hide and seek time, nap time, unpacking, dog walk again, lunch, unpacking, cleaning, reading time, toy time, unpacking, scream and then spider killing, color time, ABCs, Daddy home (hooray!), unpack, reorganize, cook, clean, baths, clean, toddler bed time, unpacking, cleaning, bed. Then start all over again. We did have a couple of interesting things happen in the last few days. I went to a baby shower, lots of fun :) Caught a baby praying mantis (so tiny and cute), caught a baby tarantula (Randy suggested that I keep it, I almost passed out in shock, and no, I didn't keep it), Randy got recommended by the special ed director to be the representative for the entire school district in a statewide community based group (WOW my hubby rocks!). Well that is as much as I can write tonight, sorry for rambling, but I am exhausted!

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