Sunday, June 12

Onion and Garlic Festival

This past Friday we went to the Onion and Garlic Festival in Amado. It was a relaxing and fun night for all of us. Instead of telling the story in paragraph form, I will just use pictures.
When we drive, Jolee has to put her hands in the air and yell "weeeeee" whenever we go up or down hills. On the way to the festival, Jolee fell asleep with her hand still up.

Daddy and Jolee watching live music. A new experience for Jolee.

Mommy and Jolee. Yep, Mommy's belly is getting big! 2 more months til baby.

There were a few dogs running around the farm. Here is Jolee saying "come here dog."

Basking in the sunlight. Since Jolee is potty trained, we no longer bring the big diaper bag with us, instead we just have a change of clothes and new panties in her backpack and generally she insists on carrying it.

Absorbed in the music

The Swanns going for a hay ride.

Daddy and Jolee


Clinging to Daddy

Daddy trying to hide from the sun in Jolee's little shadow

Looking at chickens at the Chick Inn

Of course Jolee wanted something sweet.

Jolee giving advice on what to eat. We actually didn't get anything too sweet. Mommy had a garlic burger and Daddy had a carmalized onion burger and we shared garlic chips. Jolee nibbled off of both of our meals. We splurged and shared a prickle pear lemonade (yummy!).

Playing ring around the rosies

We all fall down

Around she goes

Gotta love her expresion as she runs

"Let me see."
It was a great night for us and we definately plan on going again next year.

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