Friday, June 3

Two Big Events

First, Jolee has still been using a pacifier. We wanted to get rid of it months ago, but with the move, the pacifier remained. At her Dr's appointment, the dr said it is time for the pacifier to go. So the next morning, we cut her pacifiers up with her. She is beginning to be okay without them, except at nap time and bed time. Lots of crying, but it is getting a little better. We are now on day three without the "paci."

Second, I finally finished her quilt that Randy and I had been working on for months. She likes it a lot and she insisted on sleeping with it last night.
Birdie side of quilt

Denim side of quilt

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JessiBerry said...

love the quilt! I think it is so great having those homemade things for them to have well into adulthood! You know she will treasure it always! :)