Wednesday, April 16

Squashatouille vs Ratatouille

We love to cook. After watching the movie Ratatouille, I decided I was going to make ratatouille. Suprizingly not super tasty.
Ratatouille with pork

I decided that I was going to come up with a better recipe and created Squashatouille. Much, much better. This is made by first, cut squash into rings, lightly brown each side in a large frying pan with very small squirt of olive oil. Remove squash. Cut boneless skinless chicken breast into small bites, cooking in frying pan. When done, add cooked squash, cover with and mix in 1c. spagetti sauce, 1/2c. mozzarella cheese and light sprinkling of parmesean cheese. Mmmmm.

ps squashatoille is very healthy, so enjoy it.

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Becky said...

When my garden produces this summer, I'll make you some good ratatouille with our japanese eggplants-- they aren't all gross and seedy like the regular eggplants and homegrown tomatoes are to die for in the dish. We eat it all summer long with polenta, quinoa, or couscous.