Saturday, April 12

A Long, Long, Time

It has been awhile since we have posted anything. I guess that you just fall into a rut and think that your life is not very interesting to youreself, let alone anybody else. Sarah and I have been extremly busy latley. This is her last week of orentation and she will be a nurse all by herslef starting next week. We are very excited for her. She has come a long way and now is feeling more confident in her endevors as a nurse. I have been super busy with school and the homework that come with it. I get to write a speach and give thursday, practice my fingerspelling with both hands as well as practice my sign language. I am working on applying to the College of Education at the University of Arizona and will hopefully be able to talk with an advisor next week. It looks as though I will not be able to officially start untill next fall however we will see. We both have joined weight watchers and have been enjoying success. I encourage all who want to lose weight and learn how to change their eating habits to join. They make it fun, at least the night we go, and enjoyable. Together we have lost about 20 pounds and we look great :)! We will be loseing more and look forward to it. Other thatn that there is not much else going on. Enjoy reading and we will post more later on. Hopefully Sarah and I will be able to go to Tombstone next week, Yea!!!

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Robin said...

thats great, I'm glad Sarah is a full blown nurse now, congrats. And congrats on weight watchers. I need to look into something like that. Is it really expensive?