Tuesday, April 29

Sarah's Birthday

Yesterday was my birthday and it was a great one. Not many pictures, sorry, but here is a summary of my day.

Randy made me get up early to get ready for something, but he refused to tell me what. I was getting pretty suspicious because he wasn't getting ready, but then he started to cook breakfast, so just as I was decreasing in curiousity, I was kidnapped by Lisa and Lindy and taken to Joe's Pancake House for breakfast. It was so much fun. Thank-you ladies!

Next Randy and I went window shopping and then we played with puppies. Gotta love baby animals :)

Then we went to the mall as we were walking around, Randy told me that we had to get me to my appointment. I was completely in the dark as to what he had planned. There is a stand at the mall that I always tell Randy that I want to go to get a makeover, but I never go. He had made an appointment for a makeover for me, then he bought me the stuff I liked the most. He is sooooo sweet.

Out to lunch for yummy, but healthy food.

Then we went bowling. I didn't bowl all that well, but I still skunked Randy.

I played super nurse at the grocery store and helped an elderly lady who had fallen and hit her head.

My day ended with dinner and birthday pudding pie. It was an absolutely wonderful day. I think I am going to start looking forward to birthdays now! Sorry that it is kinda just thrown together, I am tired (long day at work).


The Olsen Family said...

DUDE, Happy birthday i had no idea. I wish jer would do stuff liek that fo me :)

Daniel said...

I'm glad you had such a great birthday! Randy, good job! :-)

- Lisa

Robin said...

Happy Bday