Tuesday, July 15

No Power

Sunday night we had a big storm come through. I did a lot of damage on our side of town. 11 down power poles, roofs torn off of homes, fences destroyed. We were lucky that we had no damage from the storm. Our power was out from around 6pm until 3:30am,very icky night. Here are pictures.


Randy and Sarah said...

There were actually about 14 poles that were bown down. 11-12 along excalante, and 2-3 in the park.

The Olsen Family said...

wow i heard that that was a strong storm

The Morgan Family said...

Hey Sarah--Nora here, Found your blog from Lisa Andersons who found mine from Becky Swegle's who I got from Samantha Montgomery. Isn't technology great? Anyway our blog is guyanddolls.blogspot.com
Love to keep in touch with you guys