Saturday, July 12

Our 4th Anniversary

Earlier this month we celebrated our 4th year of husband and wifeness. We were able to escape to Mesa for 3 days and stay at a golf resort. We had such a good time, although we definately ate too much. (I had to work really hard at eating healthy and exercising to make up for it when we got home.) Besides being able to be together without any distractions, the best part was that we were able to go to the temple all 3 days we were in Mesa. It was such a blessing to celebrate our marriage and serve our Heavenly Father at the same time. The temple brings me such an immense and fulfilling sense of peace and love. I love being able to go to the House of the Lord. I feel so much more centered and filled with life and happiness. With all the stress from work, I had lost a bit of my excitment for life. When we were at the temple, Randy turned to me and said, "You got the sparkle back in your eyes!" I didn't realize how much I was letting work drag on me. I am so glad that I could visit the temple and feel the sweet spirit that is there! I am also so glad that Randy and I were married there and that we are sealed together for time and for eternity. There is no one I'd rather spend forever with than my dear husband. I love you, Randy!

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