Sunday, August 17

We just wanted to tile the dining room

But, one thing leads to another. I will let Randy tell you the story, he is better at it than me.

I was removing the old flooring in preparation for the tile and the base board came off the wall! That is fine and dandy, except that there was all kinds of mold/water damage behind the base board. We knew that we would have to replace some of the wall because of the poor construction skills of those who built it. However, we were hoping that we would be able to get around doing this much work, especially right now. Wishful think isn't it! We removed a foot of drywall and found that the board that sits on the ground was nothing but dirt! It had so much water damage and I am sure termite damage that there was nothing left. We decided that since we had to do that much to repair we may as well redo the exterior of the wall then too. We discovered that they had used indoor paneling for outdoor use and that they used about a million finishing nails to nail it on! The wall was constructed with scrap pieces of lumber. It looked as though they had gone to a construction site and went dumpster diving. We did not fix that, however, we did add an extra board so for more support. I am sure that it took more time to clean up the mess then it did to put it together. We finally got it back together after a week of having the dining room in the living room, YEA!

Here is the photo documentation of the "tiling" project.


Jeremy and Trish Olsen said...

what a beautiful job :)

Lisa said...

Wow, don't you just love homeownership? ;-) I'm glad everything worked out all right!