Tuesday, August 5

We're back

Well, actually we have been back since Thursday evening. We had such a wonderful time. Here are some highlights...

Ate a lot.

I taught my mom to blog and she now has her own blog, hopefully she will keep it up :)
Mom's one footed bird watching me blog.

We went on a nice morning walk/jog with the dogs.

Walked around a mansion in the making.
This is only about 1/4 of the house.

Randy and I got to go to the Salt Lake City Temple. So beautiful, amazing and full of the spirit of God.

We went to lunch with Randy's mom and sister (Gotta love my Miss Tissy!).

Went to the Church History Museum
Randy and Misty seeing what it is like on a bunk on a ship.

Got a peak of Ryan, Minna, Xaq, Than, and Adam (We wish we could have spent more time with you-all!)

My mom, brothers, Randy and I went to the Mayan (a resteraunt with trees, vines, ancient American items, and a diving cliff with waterfall and all). There were divers that jumped off of cliffs in loin cloths. Odd, but fun.
Max standing in front of the waterfall (It was dark)

Table under the tree
Russell playing with his ??food???

We went to the largest open copper mine (it can actually be seen from space). Randy and I really liked that.
Driving to the mine
Us and a big tire
I like this one of Emily and a miner
But I like Russell and the miner more (hahaha)

Max, the helper
Wishing Dad could've come

We spent a day on the lake tubing and jet skiing. (I didn't take my digital camera, I took a disposable. I didn't feel like risking it. So those pictures won't come for a while). Chonkiri got on the jet ski with us. We went very slowly with him on though, so don't worry.
We played with fireworks. Watch out, Emily is a pyro and is teaching Max to be too!
On the way home we drove through Vegas and Randy was shocked by the smog!
the picture is of the strip, but you can only barely see it through the smog

The reason we drove through Vegas was so we could stop in Kingman. We got to see Macey, Micah and Holen's baby girl, and Celes (boy has she grown!). Thanks for the tomatoes, mmm.

Overall, it was a great trip. Special thanks to the Ellsworth family for all the planning and entertaining that you did for us. It was wonderful!


Lisa said...

That sounds like so much fun! You're so lucky that you got to go through the Salt Lake Temple. We're planning to do that when we go up in December.

The Olsen Family said...

Awww it sounds like you guys had a blast. :) SOme day Jer and I will go back to Utah and hopefully not for a a weekend. :)

Robin said...

sounds like a comical and fun family trip. Glad you had a great and safe trip.