Sunday, August 17

A New Worry for Sarah

Once again, Randy needs to tell you exactly what happened and why our house has the pleasant aroma of burnt hair.

We get home from church and we are HUNGRY! I get the grill fired up and warming while I am getting every thing ready to throw on. I walk outside and I smell Propane, what the HECK! I am quite confused at this point because the grill has never done that before. I open the lid and discover that it did not light. While holding the lid opened I reach down to push the magic button and whoosh, a ball of fire comes erupting out of the grill. I had only been filling the grill with propane. It left one arm completely hairless on the underside of it and a few hairs on my head were singed. Good thing I did not use hair spray this morning!!

**note to self: Close the grill lid before igniting a ball of gas!**

I come out a couple of minutes later and discover that it happened again, This time I closed the lid and turned off the knobs before pushing the magic button. Once all the propane was burnt out of the grill I opened the lid and turned the knobs, and once again I pushed the magic button, YEA! it worked. We had grilled hamburgers and artichoke! It was very delicious.

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