Sunday, January 18

Another Utah Trip

Our trip to Utah had several stops on the way. The most important stop was in Goodyear. We stayed for a couple days with Jeremy and Stephanie Swann (Randy's brother) and our adorable nephews, Tyler, Tristan and Turner. This stop was very much so planned and important. All of the boys got names and blessings. It was such an uplifting and wonderful experience. I am so grateful to be a part of the Swann family and to be able to share in such a great memory.

Jeremy, Stephanie, Turner, Tristan and Tyler (from back to front, left to right)

Turner giving one of his super cute grins

Me and Turner (I love being an Aunt!)

Sandy and Randy (the redheaded children of the Swann flock)

Randy and I then continued our drive up to Utah for the first week of January. On the way we slept in a very ugly motel in St. George (oh well, it was cheap). It started to snow a few hours after we arrived at my parents and didn't stop for 3 days. I totally got my fill of snow and I think I will be good for another 3-5 years. The next super important part of our trip was due to my brother, Russell, getting his mission call to serve in Russia. We were able to be there with him when he got his endowments in the Provo Temple. The next day, we drove to SLC and went to the Salt Lake Temple. It was a very spiritual vacation for Randy and I. I love my family so much and it was even worth the cold and long drive to see them.
Max playing in the snow
I am working on building a snow man (I was super cold so I am in my Dad's parka, if you look hard enough, I am somewhere in the blue bunch of material)
Max and I working more on the snow man
Red berries in the snow, so pretty
Randy with snow in his hair (oh and he is wearing the scarf I made for him for Christmas)
Russell the furture Russian Missionary
Chonkiri loved the snow

Dad, Mom and Russell in front of the SLC temple
Me and Russell outside of the SLC temple
Us love birds
Max at the planetarium in SLC
Russell moon walking
Future Elder Ellsworth (the third, if you count my immediate family, Dad was the first, Clint is the second)
My last look at my parents house as we drive away, I could have cried I wanted to stay so bad
We saw this sign in Vegas and had to take a picture for Russell.

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