Wednesday, January 28

Things I Have Learned About Pregnancy

Ok so I am now 21 and 1/2 weeks along. I know I have A LOT more learning to do, but here is some of what I have learned so far.

*You can vomit and have it come out of your nose if you vomit too hard (this hurts a lot by the way)
*Constant nausea is worse than a short burst of vomiting
*Being overheated increases nausea
*Grocery shopping is pure torture when nauseated
*Seeing meals prepared makes eating meals impossible when nauseated
*"Worshiping the throne" has multiple meanings
*Breaking blood vessels in your eyes while worshipping said throne actually happens and is not pretty
*Okay this is embarrasing to admit, but anyways, stress incontinence is not just for older people
*Husbands are angels of mercy or demons of torture, depending on the second and the hormones of the pregnant woman
*Never throw up Kix cereal, the smell is horrifying
*Motion sickness and morning sickness don't mix well
*Packing for vacation includes a vomit bucket with a securely fitting lid
*Sea bands (motion sickness bracelets) are life savers
*Rolling over with a big belly is hard work
*Patience with others during pregnancy is truly a miracle
*Maternity pants are the most comfortable article of clothing imaginable (and I work in scrubs all day, so that is saying something)
*Body length pillows are worth having, no matter the cost
* The baby's favorite thing to kick is the most uncomfortable thing for mom, the bladder
*Napping is severely under appreciated in the USA
*Squeezing through tight spaces is a thing of the past
*Second hand stores have super cute and mostly hardly used maternity clothing (no need to spend $35 a shirt or more at Motherhood)
*The baby's heart beat is the most beautiful sound in existence
*The baby is soooo cute even when it is just a blob looking thing on an ultrasound screen
*Falling in love with the baby happens long before the baby is born
*Worrying about the well being of the baby also happens long before birth

The most important thing I have learned is...
*It is completely and totally worth it (Only 18 1/2 more weeks until parenthood!)


Jeremy and Trish Olsen said...

wow you must be very sick. I feel for you. i cant say i know what you are going thru becasue i have NO clue what you are going thru if i didn't pee on the stick to see if was pg then i would never know i havent had morning sickness a day in my life. :) BTW what is your babies heart beat rate?

Leann said...

Ok... too funny!

I didn't have a blood vessel actually pop in my eye... but definitely felt like my eyes were gonna fly out of their sockets!

And the incontinence! What is that about?! Like we don't have anything else weird going on with our body... so apparently we had to throw that one in! UGH!

The Olsen Crew said...

That was so fun to read! I hope the nausea has receded... I'm so sorry. I love your assessment of husbands- RIGHT ON! We weren't going to find out the sex either, but I saw "something" and begged for them to tell me at my last appointment (a month after the ultrasound). They humored me, and I was right :D
It's so nice to be privy to the perspectives of someone who loves the whole experience so much, despite the discomfort... hang in there! Maybe our babies will share birthdays :)

pshubble said...

That is so awesome Sarah and Randy. Steven & I are so happy for you both. We will mark your blog and keep up on the updates. Congrats!! I can't wait to tell Emmalee tomorrow when she wakes up, she will be so happy for you both.