Saturday, June 20

Being a Mom

Being a Mom is one of the best things ever. I so enjoy every bit of it. Even the late night feedings and diaper changes. Jolee and I have just been relaxing and getting to know each other these last few weeks (she is going to be 3 weeks tomorrow, yikes!). She is such a happy baby. She loves to smile at me when I talk to her. Big gummy smiles. She has learned to enjoy riding in her sling and goes everywhere with me. She gets too many ohhhs and awwws whenever we go out. The biggest challenge is keeping strangers from putting their hands on her (the problem of being simply adorable). This week we made our first trip outside of the home without Randy. We went to Randy's school to visit him during his lunch break. It was so wonderful to get to see him. Usually he is gone from 7am to 9:30pm on school days, so we end up missing him all day. It was definitely worth the extra effort to see him. His classmates are super sweet and gave Jolee a bunch of girlie clothes (most of her clothing is neutral, but I bought a bunch of bows that help everyone know she is a girl). Jolee and I spend a lot of time snuggling and cuddling. I am completely captivated by my little girl. I thought I would enjoy being a mommy, but I never knew it would make me this happy. Hurray for Jolee!

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The Olsen Crew said...

That was beautiful- I love reading your reflections on pregnancy and now motherhood. I'm so happy to hear that assuming the mommy role has been such a wonderful experience... and she is just darling!