Sunday, June 14

When Jolee was born she was a little fussy for about two days. We could not lay her on her back, achange her diaper or clothes, or put her in her bed. We could tell that her breathing was labored and painful.Our Dula came over to check up on us and see how breast feeding was giong and suggested that we see a chiropractor. It turns out that we have some wonderful friends who happen to own a chiropractor office, we gave them a call and they came over that night and looked Jolee over. It turns out that her C1 vertabrea and a rib was out of place. Once he got those back into place, she was immediately a different baby. She is happy and quite mellow and a joy to have. Thanks to the inspiration of the Holy Ghost and some wonderful friends.

FYI: this post and the previous post were both typed via chicken pecking. I happen to be holding Jolee at the time ;)

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Saddie Baby said...

yippee! more pictures thanks!