Saturday, June 20

A Butt Paste that Works

It turns out that Jolee has super sensitive skin like her Daddy. She easily gets rashes. One of the brands of diapers that we tried gave her a very bad rash, so we tried desitin (didn't work). Her poor little rash just didn't seem to be getting any better. We have been changing her diaper every hour to 2 hours to ensure that she stays clean and dry, but even this didn't help. We tried letting her be naked to air out her bum, didn't help. So we called and spoke with her doctor. They told us to try and antifungal and a steroid cream, this not only didn't help, but made her rash from a little one to a big nasty terrible make the baby cry and cry bad rash, so we instantly stopped using it. We figure she is sensitive to the creams. So we took her in to her doctor and now we are using a mixture of Maalox and Vaseline on her bum. Suprisingly, it is working great and her bum is finally starting to look better. I am so glad we have something that work for our little girl.

Oh and when we took her in, she was weighed and is now 10lbs. She no longer fits in newborn diapers and is in size 1. She is growing too fast.

On the diaper front, we are still planning on using cloth diapers (go figure, I actually prefer them), but with the heavy usage of vaseline, we are having to use disposables. The vaseline would kill the cloth diapers. So once her tush is healed, it is back to cloth.


Jeremy and Trish Olsen said...

lol its funny how that works that you actually prefer cloth to disposable huh i am the same way. i just need to get back in the kill of things. My girls have super sensitive skin also and a cream that i have found that works wonderfully and also you are able to use it with the cloth diaper is Burts bees diaper rash cream works like a charm :)

Lisa said...

We're doing disposables at the moment, too, and I prefer cloth. :-) Kaiana's outgrowing the cloth we have and they've been leaking so I'm working on making new ones, but I haven't had time yet. I went fabric shopping Friday, though. :-)

To help diaper rash one thing you can do is put a little bit of cornstarch on her rear. Baby powder is cornstarch and fragrance and since fragrance is an irritant, I just use the cornstarch. It helps Kaiana when she gets rashy. :-)

Joshua said...

Ok, So I am a dummy. Just ask Amber. But what does Vaseline do to Cloth diapers that ruins them? I don't get it?

The Olsen Crew said...

Poor baby! It just breaks my heart when the tiny babies endure things like rotten rashes :(
You probably get lots of diaper rash cream recommendations... I use what my mom used on us kids. It's called Penaten Creme. It's imported from Germany. I actually just bought some more on Amazon this week- I've never seen a diaper rash it couldn't soothe and conquer- literally :)
Hang in there!