Tuesday, September 8

Jolee Bablings

Mommy showing how tiny my hand is.
I am doing some tummy time, not my favorite thing, but Mommy and Daddy say that it is important.
Look, I can do magic, I made my bottom lip disappear.
Now it is back again.
Daddy and I play and laugh. Daddy makes lots of funny faces. I love my daddy.
Mommy showed me a video of when I was newborn, I sure have grown.
I am working on a tape for both of my uncles that are on missions. I am super excited to get to see my Uncle Clint in only 1 1/2 months!
Mommy made me try on my Halloween costume, I wasn't to happy about it so this is the closest thing to a smile I would give her.
Mommy was too slow at getting me lunch, so I told her to hurry. She saw that I had a tear in my eye and instead of feedin me instantly, she took a picture. Ph well, I will forgive her, she got me a new toy today. I now have a little kick and crawl gym, after my nap, I am going to play in it! Talk to you later when I wake up.


Carolina said...

She is just so cute! She truly is growing up fast. I love her rolls (on her arms- which are the ones I can see). They make you just want to hug, squeeze and kiss her!

The Olsen Crew said...

I love how you wrote this from her perspective- she's absolutely darling! I wish we were close enough to introduce our babies to each other. You guys are such awesome parents :D

JoAn said...

i want to hold that girl right this minute!!!

GramS said...

Me too!! Bring her up here so the grandmas can hold her, kiss her and love her!!