Tuesday, September 8


Last night Randy and I were watching a movie, it was getting late, so Randy went to let the dog in while Jolee and I were playing on the couch. Randy opens the door, I hear a yell, turn and see something black run across our dining room, and Randy flew to the kitchen while yelling "It ran over my foot!" I start to panic thinking that a mouse is in the house (eek mice), but then Randy says "TARANTULA." (Little bit of a background: Randy is terrified of spiders. About a year ago, while we were walking through the aviary at the Desert Museum, Randy accidentally stepped on a tarantula's leg and it tries to attack his shoe to get him off of it's leg. Scared Randy stiff. Ever since then, Randy has been worried about tarantulas.) So back to the story. Instead of freaking out, I am much more calm, tarantulas I can handle (Lindy should be proud of me). I get Randy to calm down and take Jolee into the bedroom, while I go out to the shed, get a glove and a glass jar and gently coax the adorable tarantula into the jar. The glove was because Randy would not be thrilled if I were to touch a giant spider with bear hands. It was a really awesome tarantula (bit of background: my babysitter growing up had tarantulas and if we were good, she would take us over and let us hold her tarantula). If Randy would have let me, I probably would have a pet tarantula today, but I like Randy to like me, so we took it out to the wash and let it go. The poor thing was probably chased by the dog and was hiding between the security door and the sliding door, when Randy opened the door, it tried to escape the dog, only to run into a human. I am glad that it was easy to catch, or we probably wouldn't have gotten any sleep because Randy would have been up all night looking for it.
Jolee holding her first bug. (she is definitely her mommy's little girl)
Randy wishing I would just take the tarantula out already.
Me with my cute tarantula, oh and I got glasses, now I can see real good. Ha.


The Olsen Crew said...

AWESOME story! You are braver than me! Great pic of Jolee with the spider :)

Joshua said...

Sarah, you are my HERO!!!! ***shudder*** I can handle most spiders, but I think the tarantula would have had me swinging from the ceiling!!

JoAn said...

thanks for putting up the picutes ... to funny!

Frozenfire said...

I AM proud of you! Couldn't have done better myself!

anna said...

Great story! Although I admit, I would have been with Randy...totally freaked out! lol. You should see how fast I can run when being pursued my a cockroach!..I couldn't imagine a tarantula.