Tuesday, September 1

Pictures of the Pretty Princess

Jolee loves using the Boppy to sit up and watch us, occasionally she will get too tired and this is what happens.

We drove out to Ajo, AZ to visit our friends Jeremy and Trish and their little girls. Brekke wanted to hold Jolee the entire time. Look for an upcoming video about what happened when Jolee needed to eat and Brekke couldn't hold her anymore.

Brekke is going to love when her new sister comes and she can hold a baby every day :)

We pulled out some of Jolee's toys for her to play with since she is starting to become more interested in what is around her. Here she is being introduced to snuggle bunny.
Even the cutest of babies has some off times
The one eyed pirate look :)
Jolee loves to look at her toy duck while lying in bed. She will talk to it and kicks her legs so that it will swing and then she talks to it some more.

Jolee is starting to enjoy her walks more and more. Here she is telling Daddy how much she is looking forward to her walk.
We still have to use blankets to keep her propped up in her stroller.
Our walk took us by the Pena home, so we stopped to say hi. Jolee gets to go and play with the Penas every week (they are her babysitter while Mommy sleeps during the day for her night shifts). Jolee loves to laugh with the girls.
Randy has started his last semester of classes. Next semester is just student teaching and then her graduates in May! Here is Randy during a morning farewell before he heads off to class.

Some of Jolee's new PJs. This picture kinda makes it look like pink prison stripes :)

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