Tuesday, January 26

O Christmas Tree

Here goes starting the old game of catch up

Every year for Christmas we go to the tree yard and find the perfect tree. I grew up with plastic trees, Randy grew up chopping down his own tree, so to compromise, the tree yard is where we go. This year Jolee helped us to find the perfect tree.

Randy and Jolee in front of "the perfect tree"

Sarah and Jolee with the tree at home 
Jolee helping to show off our tree
Our tree after decoration

The family. Jolee was getting tired and would play and cry, then play and cry, clearly we thought she was a little bit funny. She got mad at us for laughing.

Us with our presents.

Stealing a kiss while Jolee is focused on her new clapper :)

I, of course, couldn't wait to decorate our tree. It is one of my favorite traditions. I love all of the funny and weird ornaments that we have collected over the years. Each year we look for an original ornament and some sort of Santa ornament. Jolee actually did a great job at not stealing ornaments (too much). She loved staring at the tree. Once she realized that the boxes under the tree were covered in paper, it was a bit more difficult to get her out from under the tree. She actually really enjoyed unwrapping presents and trying to eat the wrapping paper.

Christmas was very enjoyable. We ended up celebrating early because I had to work on Christmas. Randy's favorite gift was his new laptop (I told him he wasn't going to get one, then I sneakily worked it out with my mom and surprized him with it. Thanks again Mom and Dad for helping me :) ). My favorite gift was the magic bullet and my fairy tale book (I love old classic fairy tales, especially ones I have never heard before). I am not sure what Jolee's favorite is. It is between her popping ball toy (not pictured, but I will post more later) from Meg and her bath toys from GrammE and Grandpa. My favorite of her's is her booster seat high chair (it is so much easier to feed her without making a huge mess). Thank-you for our gifts, we love them all, but so much better than gifts is the love of family and friends. This past year was completely full of blessings and love!

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